Participants and presenters at the 2018 workshop for network of experts on maritime and Territory in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Julio S. Amador III, Regional Security Architecture Program Convener and Fellow, attended and presented at the 2018 workshop for Network of Experts on Maritime and Territory in the Asia-Pacific Region in behalf of APPFI. With the theme “Maritime Cooperation in Implementing New Southern Policy”, the workshop was attended by experts and specialists coming Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and India.

A group of scholars from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences joined Philippine academics for a discussion on Philippine-China economic and cultural relations, the Belt and Road Initiative, and trends in ASEAN integration.

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Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta completed his three-month Visiting Research Fellowship at the Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS) of Kyoto University. His counterpart professor was Professor Caroline Sy-Hau. He conducted interviews with policy-makers, experts, diplomats and academics. He visited leading think tanks, including the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), where he spoke in a roundtable discussion on ASEAN’s relations with China and Japan on 13 June 2018. He was invited for the second time to speak at the World Peace Forum (WPF), co-sponsored in Beijing by Tsinghua University and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs on 14-15 July. He represented APPFI.

Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress, together with UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies Strategic Studies Program, held a closed-door discussion with China specialists from University of Tokyo and Keio University. Professor Herman Kraft and Mr. Julio Amador III moderated discussion. The participants explored various topics including domestic politics of Southeast Asian countries and its implications on their respective foreign policies, cooperation with Japan and China, and other evolving challenges and opportunities in the region.