Regional Security Architecture

The Asia Pacific region is now a major theater for active great power competition, but it is also where small and middle powers have been working bilaterally and through regional associations to manage disputes and promote peace, security, and stability. The Philippines, which has long been a nexus for East-West encounters, is primed for a critical role in contributing to regional initiatives.

The Regional Security Architecture Program (RSAP) conducts studies and convenes dialogues among experts and stakeholders to arrive at a better understanding of the evolving security environment, the role of multilateral and other forms of security associations, and institutional developments affecting Philippine and regional security. RSAP will be a hub producing research, intelligent commentary, and policy briefs from leading experts and specialists in the Philippines and the wider Asia-Pacific region. Through RSAP, APPFI will network and partner with think tanks, governments, and other institutions in organizing research projects, workshops, and conferences on current and emerging groupings and associations that impact on regional security, including ASEAN, the East Asia Summit, and initiatives led by the United States and China, among others.

Recent Commentaries

Chronalysis: A quarterly round-up of regional issues and events that impact Philippine development and security