Regional Integration and Connectivity

The Regional Integration and Connectivity Program (RICP) promotes a critical understanding of the political economy of regional development, and of economic trends and issues that affect Philippine national and regional interests. It seeks to generate insights and research that will enable the Philippines to strategically navigate through its international economic engagements, and interact beneficially with regional states and multilateral institutions. Major areas of concentration include ASEAN integration and connectivity, the foreign economic policies of major powers in the Asia-Pacific, and the strategic dimension of bilateral and multilateral economic interactions. The program intends to generate both practical and strategic output (through research, publications, roundtable discussions, lectures, and forums) from subject matter experts, scholars, and practitioners based on issues that advance or put at risk Philippine economic interests. It shall provide strategic analyses, risk assessments, and policy alternatives to thegovernment, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

Recent Commentaries

Chronalysis: A quarterly round-up of regional issues and events that impact Philippine development and security