Professor Aileen Baviera of the UP Asian Center took part in a roundtable at the forum, “Guerre et Politique: Analysing War and the Rebuilding of Social Relationships,” which was held from 2 to 5 November in Paris, France.

In the roundtable, “Guerre et Politique: Cross-Perspectives in Various Regions of the World,” Professor Baviera argued that “geopolitical competition among the major powers leads to greater complexity in the search for solutions to East Asia’s maritime territorial and jurisdiction disputes. In the South China Sea, littoral states of Southeast Asia have to employ several different approaches in the face of an assertive China.”

In light of recent changes in Philippines-China relations brought about by the election of President Rodrigo Duterte, his visit to China and the conclusion of the arbitration case in the South China Sea, Rappler editor-at-large Marites Vitug interviewed APPFI President Aileen SP. Baviera. The interview focused on management of the relations between Manila and Beijing, the influence of the US alliance on their ties, possible impact of the arbitration case and Duterte’s moves toward an independent Philippine Foreign Policy.

“The Domestic Mediations of China’s Influence in the Philippines” by APPFI President and UP Asian Center Professor Aileen S. P. Baviera was published in Rising China's Influence in Developing Asia, edited by Evelyn Goh and published in 2016 by Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K. 

In the book chapter, Professor Baviera asks whether “China’s material power—underpinned by growing military and economic resources—[has] translated into greater influence in the Philippines, particularly over political and economic policy decisions of the Philippine government” (102).

As part of its efforts to support individuals who help promote peace, development and cultural understanding through research, the Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation Inc. has set up the APPFI Carlos Chan Fellowship Program. The program has been named after Mr. Carlos Chan in recognition of his accomplishments and efforts in promoting greater intercultural understanding and cooperation in Philippines-China relations. Mr. Chan is former special envoy to China and one of the most successful Filipino entrepreneurs in the region, having established overseas operations in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

Nominees for the fellowship include experts who actively study, work and engage in issues relating to Philippine foreign policy, Philippine relations with neighboring states and major partners, and other relevant regional developments.