Dr Baviera delivered a lecture before college and high school students at Chiang Kai Shek College on January 14, upon the invitation of the school president Dr.Dory Poa and Dean Raymond Datuon of the School of Education. She spoke about Southeast Asia-China relations, as part of their Golden Symposium commemorating the 50th founding anniversary of the Narra Campus.

In conjunction with a cartographic exhibit entitled  “Historical Truths and Lies: Scarborough Shoal in Ancient Maps" organized by the Philippine Social Science Council in cooperation with the Institute for Maritime and Ocean Affairs, Dr Baviera delivered a lecture on February 22 titled "The Geopolitical Quandaries in the South China Sea: Options for the Philippines, China and the US." This was part of a series of public lectures that also included Prof Jay Batongbacal of the UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, and Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. The exhibit presents framed reproductions of 50 maps collected by Justice Carpio; it raises questions about the validity of China’s claims to the shoal, also known in ancient maps as Bajo de Masinloc