Learn more about the opportunities of the Chinese model of Fintech and e-commerce for a more inclusive economic growth and business model in the Philippines and the challenges it faces in the current economic set-up of the country.

The Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, Inc. (APPFI), in cooperation with the University of the Philippines’ Institute for Small-Scale Industries, and with the help of the online magazine Entrepreneur Philippines, will be holding a forum to explore China’s Financial Technology and E-Commerce Experience: Exploring Implications for the Philippines.

Recent trends indicate that China is now the global leader in e-commerce and financial technology (Fintech), which has resulted in the rise of entrepreneurial villages, inclusive growth, innovation, technologically literacy, and employment. In connection with this, our activity seeks to explore expert answers to the following questions:

  1. Since China is a developing country like the Philippines, how can the latter learn from the former’s e-commerce entrepreneurship, especially in rural and village households?
  2. How can the Chinese model of Fintech and e-commerce promote a more inclusive economic growth and business model in the Philippines?
  3. Fintech and e-commerce have already gained momentum in the Philippines but are still not as advanced as China’s. What are the challenges, obstacles, and areas for improvement?
  4. In connection with our foreign economic relations, how can the Philippine and Chinese economies be further integrated by cross-border e-commerce?



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