The APPFI Board of Trustees met last January 11 to review 2015 activities and to set broad directions for 2016. Board Chairman Raphael Lotilla presided over the breakfast meeting, which was held at the Astoria Plaza. In her President’s report, Dr Aileen Baviera thanked the members of the Board for their active participation in discussion-forums organized under the China Program, and for engaging in relevant international exchanges in the past year. APPFI roundtables in 2015 were held in partnership with other reputable groups such as the Asia Pacific Projects Inc., the ASEAN project of Asian Institute of Management, the Confederation of Philippine Exporters, as well as with various programs of the University of the Philippines.

As a young organization, Dr Baviera explained, APPFI also spent time and energy setting up its core staff and administrative systems, conducting fund-raising activities, and establishing the research office on Visayas Avenue. Its website and newsletter were likewise set up. Hearing this, the Board suggested that APPFI start using a Chinese translation of its name, to make the China Flagship Program better known to some target audiences.

Aside from continuing with the implementation of the 2015-2017 China Program, the Board proposed that APPFI should make timely interventions in connection with the May Philippine presidential elections, particularly in making the results of its studies available to the candidates for the highest office.