Photo shows the student delegation to Guangzhou with Sun Yat Sen Professor You Hongbo. From left to right: Ivy Ganadillo, Florence Principe, Paulo Villar,  Tricia Villa, Dr. You Hongbo, Philip Alegre and Krystal Sembrano

Last December 18-24, 2015, seven students from the University of the Philippines whose research interests focus on China embarked on a study tour in Guangzhou, China. The group included APPFI staff Florence Principe and Philip Alegre. The delegation was organized by the Chinese Culture and Society class under Dr. Tina Clemente, in partnership with Jinan University and Sun Yat Sen University.

They discussed with students from Jinan University the history of Philippines-China relations, but also touched on such topics as the traditions and practices of Chinese Filipinos, the situation of new Chinese migrants in the Philippines, the role of the ethnic Chinese in the Philippine resistance against the Japanese during World War II, and trends in Philippines-China trade relations. 

In a separate activity, Sun Yat Sen University invited the graduate students to a roundtable with scholars and professors to discuss the prospects of Philippines-China relations. The discussion included views on the South China Sea disputes, and questions about the history, culture and politics of both countries. Despite the tensions between the two countries, the forum ended on a positive note and the hope that more opportunities will come for economic and development cooperation leading to mutual benefit for the two countries.

The students also visited various historical and cultural sites in Guangzhou. These included the Huangpu Military Academy, the Chen Clan Academy, the Six Banyan Temple, the Guangdong Museum, the Guangzhou Tower, and the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, among many others.