Workshop series participants included Dr. Jesus Estanislao, Mr. Washington Sycip, Mr. Alfonso Uygongco, Atty. Raphael Lotilla, Dr Dante Canlas, Dr Raul Fabella, Usec Laura del Rosario, and DDG Vicente Agdamag, among others.


 MAKATI, Philippines – Philippine policy leaders from various sectors met for a series of high-level Consultation Workshops on China’s impact on the Philippines and ASEAN, organized by the Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, Inc. (APPFI) and the Asian Institute of Management ASEAN 2015 Project. The workshops took place from March to June this year and were held at the AIM in Makati.

The workshop series theme  was “Economic and development outlook for the Asian Century:  The China Factor and Implications for the Philippines and ASEAN”. The objective was to exchange ideas on how China’s rise and its influence on the global and regional economy  may shape Philippine growth and development prospects in the next decade.  The participants also looked at the current state and preparedness of the government and other stakeholders in responding to emerging trends involving China, as well as suggested areas for policy reform.

The March workshop brought together academics and think tank analysts, while the second one in April involved business leaders. The third group last June 10 was a mix of policy thinkers from government, think tanks and the private sector. Chatham House Rules were observed where participants were free to discuss, but are not allowed to attribute any statements made to any individual participant. Dr. Federico Macaranas, Co-Director of the AIM ASEAN 2015 Project, and APPFI President and U.P. professor Dr. Aileen Baviera, served as co-facilitators of the events.