On 12-17 October 2014, APPFI officers participated in an orientation visit to southeastern China hosted by Philippine Special Envoy to China and Liwayway Marketing Corporation Founding Chair Carlos Chan in order to promote greater appreciation of the long history of the Philippine-China peaceful relations. The tour, mostly in Shandong province, had APPFI Vice-President Dr. Antoinette Raquiza and board members Mr. Johnny Tioco and Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta joining Mr. Chan and other Filipino leaders from the academe, business, and media in a visit to the tomb of the 13th century Sultan of Sulu Paduka Pahala at Dezhou. Another high point was a stop at the Temple of Confucius at Qufu.

The group also visited the Liwayway Marketing Corporation headquarters in Shanghai and its factory in Jinan – one of 15 branches manufacturing and distributing Oishi food and beverage products in China.  Led by Mr. Chan, the group made stops at state agricultural and industrial corporations and real estate developments as well as met local government and party officials in Qufu and Jinan. The visit highlighted the extensive opportunities for economic, educational and cultural cooperation between the Philippines and China.


Special Envoy to China and Founding Chairman of Liwayway Marketing Corporation Inc. Carlos Chan (fourth from the left) with APPFI officers, Dr. Antoinette Raquiza and Mr. Johnny Tioco (second and third from the left) and Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta (fourth from the right) in front of the Liwayway (China) Marketing Corporation, with the flags of the Philippines and China in the background.