The Silk Belt Road, 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and Regional Connectivity: An Interview With APPFI Vice President Antoinette Raquiza

Dr. Antoinette R. Raquiza, APPFI vice president and associate professor at the University of the Philippines Asian Center, was interviewed by the Fudan Development Institute during the “Building the Belt and Road: Connection, Innovation and Sustainable Development: Dialogue and Silk Road Think Tank Association Conference,” held from 22 to 24 February 2016, in Shenzhen, China. The interview is featured below with permission from the FDI. 

Interviewer: Lu Ting (LT)

Tags: Interview, Silk Road, Philippines-China Relations

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Inbound Chinese F.D.I. Problems and Concerns in light of Territorial Tensions

On behalf of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc., I would like to thank PHILEXPORT and APPFI for inviting us to this forum. The Philippines and China share long trade relations. Given our centuries-old ties, we have increased our cooperation and partnership in various fields. However, political relations have been strained recently with the West Philippine Sea issue.

Tags: Chinese Investments in PH, PH-China Economic Relations, FFCCCII

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China Prospects: From bullish to cautious optimism

Allow me also to express PHILEXPORT’s honor and pleasure to welcome you all and to co-organize this timely and important roundtable discussion of Philippine-China trade and investment relations. The Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. or PHILEXPORT and APPFI have the common thrust, among others, of promoting development through dialogues and cooperation projects.  Acknowledging China as an important trade and investment partner, we thought that this discussion will be a relevant contribution to easing and/or mitigating possible economic impacts that the current political tension maybe creating on the trade relations of both countries.

Tags: Chinese Investments in PH, PH-China Trade, PHILEXPORT, Tourism, Technology Transfer

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